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Sourcing countries


Chocolate Del Caribe S.A. is a second-generation family-owned company based in tropical Costa Rica, providing high-quality chocolate products to chocolate entrepreneurs around the world for over 30 years.

We only process  premium quality Trinitario Cocoa sourced from professionally managed and audited cacao farms across five countries in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama).

Once the cocoa beans are received in our plant, the complete process, from fermentation to final product packaging, is performed in our production plant. We have extensive experience in the entire cocoa supply chain, including cultivation and post harvest practices, as well as the manufacture of semi finished cocoa products and fine chocolate couverture

Modern swiss equipment used by our experienced staff controls every critical requirement of our demanding clientele.

Cocoa Origins

We take pride in giving our associate farmers fair payment and relevant technical assistance, which is essential for the sustainability and quality of our business and products. We respect and exceed the environment and labor guidelines of each country we operate with. This results in the use of the best agricultural and post harvest practices, assuring the quality of our cocoa products. 

These principles are intrinsically aligned with our own business and core life values, and we stand by them for the sake of our associate farmers and the planet.



Cocoa Beans

High-quality trinitario cocoa beans, received from reliable and committed growers from throughout Central America and beyond, with rigorous fermentation quality checks ensure a variety of great-tasting cocoa beans.

Cocoa Nibs

Air-roasted and with strict temperature control, we have precise control over our roast profiles, minimizing premature bean breakage and burning. This gives us the capacity for high standardization and repeatability in our nibs.

Cocoa Liquor

Low-temperature grinding and refining of our cocoa liquor, assures the preservation of fine flavor components present in our Trinitario beans. The particle size of our cocoa liquor can be adjusted down to 20 microns.

Cocoa Couverture

Thorough blending ensures reliable and homogeneous taste profiles, and parallel conching removes unwanted tastes. Precise measurement of particle size and viscosity throughout the process allow control over technical parameters for further manufacturing, assuring we meet the specific requirements of each recipe.

Our Factory

Swiss chocolate equipment

We invite you to navigate through our various state-of-the-art equipment pieces.


Our cocoa is traditionally fermented, while employing modern measurement techniques to assure the repeatability and quality of fermentation. A biomass based drying mechanism is used to dry our cocoa thoroughly to prevent spoilage, while hand turning assures the dry cocoa is free of contaminants or broken beans.

Sirocco roasting

These tried-and-true Roasters reliably achieve the desired roasting profile on demand, allowing the flexibility to change the end profile depending on the desired roast profile.


Our, high capacity, state-of-the-art winnower removes all outer shell fragments from the nibbs, collecting them for later reuse.


Low temperature refining using hammer and ball mills, equipped with a self designed moisture removal system preserves the flavour profiles of our liquor while also mantaining the physical properties of our product.


We have 4 conching machines available, to suit the capacity needs of each production order, allowing flexibility in production and experimentation, as well as high capacity (up to 3 tons per batch) for any desired recipe.


Precise and automatized 4-stage tempering allows for great texture and looks in our chocolate, reliably processing up to 300 kg of chocolate per hour.


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